Welcome to Kaltimber, your hard wood decking and flooring specialist in Bali, Indonesia.

We bring reclaimed timber, furniture and homewares into homes around the world.

Rest easy! All of our wood has been reclaimed or salvaged from ethical and legal sources. We take unused structures such as bridges, jetties and factories and turn them into beautiful, solid timber products including flooring, decking, panelling, and countertops.

We then take the offcuts and transform them into unique furniture & homewares.

We have a ‘full circle’ production, where we reduce waste and utilise our woods to the max. After all, hardwoods take thousands of years to grow and they deserve our utmost respect.

As our customer, you will love the rewards of owning wood rich in history whilst knowing that not a single tree was felled on your conscience.

We are reclaimed wood deck and floor specialists with years of experience.

We promote good building practices.