Ways on How to Stack and Season Apple Wood as Fuel for Wood Stoves

apple wood

Apple wood is regarded as an efficient wood burning fuel. It is tagged as a hardwood which simply connotes its heaviness and will burn for a longer period of time as compared to softwoods. But, if your apple wood is not yet seasoned or dried, then it will be a bit of a complex to burn it the right way.

Success with seasoning apple wood is extreme heat and low humidity. Seasoning apple wood is not a bit of a complex per se. Just simply cut your wood stack and throw it in piles and dry it. Cure it for at least ten months. But if you are eyeing on seasoning your wood at a slower pace, do not be frightened to run a sprinkler over the top of it during summer time. By sprinkling the wood, it will aid you in regulating bugs that might damage your wood.

Apple wood is prone to these small bore mites that drill small holes in to the wood. Your wood will still burn, but you need to take a closer look at your stack so they will not overrun it. It is best recommended to burn this wood as soon as it is seasoned. Apple wood can be a bit of a complex to stack because it has several sizes and the shapes are irregular. But, as you start to stack your wood, you will immediately be able to fill in the holes with several other smaller stacks.

Wood burners who are located in a town or city should put their wood in a place that will not acquire water from yard sprinklers. The wood that will get wet can take up to maximum of two years to get dried completely. As for maintaining your wood covered, that is a personal choice. The advantage of covering wood during cold months is that it will season fast, but out west with our dry season, that is not a big deal.

If you are uniform with cutting wood and each year you cut more wood that you need it, it will only take you a short period of time to stack wood for the next three years reserve. It simply means that during one cutting season you will not worry because you have a stack for the next couple of years.

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a cord of apple wood, there are places that will charge at about a hundred dollars per cord that is all limbs. These small limbs burn efficiently, but they can never be relied to burn all night.

At the end of the day, it is really a matter of planning and close coordination. You will realize your effort and significant savings in no time. Just have a free time and energy in doing such kind of task that will surely save you big bucks.

Woodworking Ideas: Tips and Tricks Useful to Jumpstart Any Woodworking Project

Woodworking to a newbie can seem like a difficult and expensive thing. The truth is, woodworking is very easy to comprehend. As soon as you know about the fundamentals of woodworking, you can produce wonders. It would take significant amount of time to come up with a masterful woodwork, but if constant practice is prevalent, with the inspiring woodworking ideas, then you can come up with a project of your own. If you are eyeing on initializing woodworking project, you need all the fundamental parameters like dimensions, blueprints, chart, and list of materials.




Listed below are some tips and tricks that will surely guide you in jump starting woodworking projects:

1.      To begin with, you should look for an open space like garage, shed that has the right breeze and lighting.

2.      The next fundamental thing is to purchase inexpensive woodworking tools. Some special tools are orbital stander, power drill, jigsaw, upgradeable table saw, router bits, circular saw and miter saw. The essential tools are hammer, screw drivers pliers, a pair of saw horse and tape measure. You should possess the capability to use these power tools.

3.      Do not think of doing huge woodworking project at the start as you may find it a bit of a complex in using these tools. This is the biggest no-no newbie woodworkers do. It is essential to begin with a simple and small project to come up with great outputs.

4.      There are tons of plans out there, but in the start, just come up with a simple blueprint that has been tried and tested to finish the project.

5.      Initially, decide your woodworking project and come up with a list of all the needed materials, the class of wood as well as the needed tools to finish the project.

6.      It is very crucial to know about the classes of wood and select proper wood destined for your project. You can begin with pine wood instead of using oak wood which is tremendously pricey.

7.      You should not disregard safety methods, as it is the primary and crucial element in the woodworking industry. Some people ignore the essence of safety measures after they become an excellent woodworker. Utilize safety tools like fire extinguisher and first aid kit during work to stay away from possible risk. To add, you need earplugs to protect your ears, goggles, safety glasses, disposable face mask and gloves.

8.      You should keep the tools and the work area to come up with great projects.

With these useful tips and tricks, you can begin your woodworking project and become a productive woodworker. You can begin with simple task that require minimum supervision. Do-it-yourself projects are instructional and will surely be completed without the aid of professionals. You can come up with tons of woodworking ideas after becoming a great woodworker. All you have to do is to exert effort with a lot of patience and you will be great in no time.

Engineered Lumber: Products to make your building construction easy

Engineered lumber has several benefits as compared to sawn lumber. Also known as engineered wood, it is a man-made wood element that incorporates binding together wood elements with adhesives that are water proof.

Engineered to particular design disciplines, engineered lumber comes in different products, formats and sizes and is tailored for utilization in commercial and residential buildings.

Tried and tested to meet desired standards in National Building Code, it supplies ultimate strength tolerances as compared to solid wood. It is considered to be one of the most economical and green friendly materials available. Trees with smaller diameter are utilized in the manufacture of engineered lumber, thus making use of components that is regarded as waste in traditional logging industry. Several products that manifest this characteristic are laminated veneer lumber, i-joists, and rim board.

 engineered beams

engineered beams

LAMINATED VENEER LUMBER: Laminated Veneer Lumber comes from several layers of thin wood fastened by water proof adhesive. This kind of wood is cured with the use of high pressure to come up with a wood product that is stronger, straighter and uniform as compared to sized milled wood.

Just like joists, laminated veneer lumber is less prone to split, twist, shrinkage, check and bow. This is because of its design and the process of manufacturing. This type of wood is available in several widths, lengths, and depths. Laminated veneer wood is tailored to be utilized for spans, beams, and headers carrying heavy loads.

I-JOISTS. These type of engineered lumber were invented in the late 60s, are specifically tailored for use as roofing and floor joists. I-joists are ultimately strong for their weight and size. It varies in depths ranging from 9.25 inches to 28 inches and lengths up to 56 inches. I-joists are designed to maximum its compressible strength to support heavy loads destined for long spans.

I-joists supplements tons of benefits as compared to traditional dimensional lumber. These comprise not twisting, splitting, bowing, or accumulating a crown. This is because of the fact that I-joists are more dimensionally stable as compared to regular wood beams. These engineered i-joists do not shrink. In result, you say goodbye to squeaky floors. Further, i-joists performance to light weight ration, gives freedom for faster construction.

RIM BOARD: Rim board is another type of engineered wood utilized by contractors to ease up construction of buildings and houses. Used as frame of the flooring system, rim board is placed around the perimeter of the floor to surround the joists. The rim board supplies a flat surface allowing either exterior or cladding to construct easily.

This type of engineered wood is made up of large cuts of wood flakes, which is cured using extreme pressure to come up with a product that is install-friendly and easy to handle. Rim board is manufactured in depths that are in coherence with i-joists, taking away extra time and work needed to cut traditional lumber on site. It also decreases the possibility of making mistakes in cutting and measuring.

These engineered wood products are very helpful in flooring and roofing system because it simplify construction and is cost economic. It also provides added strength to your building.

Tips and Tricks for Wood Stove Owners - Part 2

The first part of this article had taught us the ins and outs of using wood burning stove. It also supply us the types of woods and such tricks that may be used to aid us in operating your wood stove in a proper manner. The second part will pay close attention on its proper maintenance so that your place will not only be environmentally sound, but it will also prolong the use of your apparatus and have it immortalized. It will also be visually appealing to people around you.

 Antique wood stove

Antique wood stove

Wood stove can aid you in a lot of ways. As soon as you purchase them, you might get used to how wood stove must be maintain and operate. Manuals are usually prevalent upon some purchases but if you do not have one, you have to ensure in finding alternative instructions to make your stove up and running.

Aside from securing manuals and guidelines on how to maintain it, you also have to know the proper ways on how to clean it and the elements and chemicals that will be used in cleaning. Some wood stoves are a bit sensitive to chemicals because when you use it again, there is a tendency that it will react with fire. A good detergent soap can simply be used and rinse it safely. Use a damp cloth to dry your stove so that it can be able to proceed with heating in no time.

You should be familiar with your wood stove unit because these apparatuses are a bit pricey that is why no person should take them for granted. Knowing how to operate it is not the only essential thing that you should be able to know. You must also have an idea on how to clean it properly. Cleaning your wood stove on a regular basis foes not only make your community environment sanitized. It can also aid you in staying away from fire accidents and untoward circumstances which may be brought about by the accumulation of residues from wood burning. With the tips and tricks that have supplied to you, you can now be able to utilize your new or second-hand wood burning stove and reap the benefits it can supply not only you and your business, but more importantly, your family.

At the end of the day, when we are familiar with these tips and tricks, using your wood stove is as easy as ABC. Aside from being cost efficient, it will also give you natural warmth and flavor at your home. Imagine the aroma that will circulate inside your home with the food that you will be eating and the heat that you will be feeling during cold nights. It may be a bit of a daunting task, but surely, nothing beats a natural take on this instead of using digital system and advance technology for heating.

Just remember that you cannot trade natural ambiance from artificial ones that will not give you the desire that you are eyeing.

Tips and Tricks for Wood Stove Owners

A wood stove or a wood-burning stove has a lot of uses. Despite the growing technology that we experience today, the effectiveness of these wood burning stoves are still immeasurable. The world as of the moment is electric and gas stove dependent. There are some which are digital just like you operate your cellphones. If you would have the chance to talk with people from earlier generations, the high technology devices which were invented in our era never tickled their imagination. Still, it is very efficient to find out that a lot of people nowadays are still utilizing wood stoves in their homes. This may be because of the fact that not all people in this very world are fond of accepting fast rising technology. This may also be because it has been a healthy habit to use wood stoves in their house or business.

Two of the purposes of wood burning stoves are destined for cooking or for heating element at home such as fireplaces. A lot of business nowadays is still using them for cooking food and to make their stores warm during the cold season. Whatever the purpose of these wood burning stoves can be, they are still regarded as effective. People who have been in to wood stoves for a long period of time are, basically, knowledgeable in terms of using wood burning stoves and maintaining them.

 Wood stove in action!

Wood stove in action!

For those who are eyeing to purchase their own wood stove, or for those who knows more about maintaining it, here are some tips and tricks:

If you already possess a wood stove, you have to ensure that you abide all the guidelines which will be given to you in the form of a manual. If you purchased a second-hand stove, ask the seller about the essentials on how to use it so you will have general information on how to use it especially if it is an earlier model. It is a bit hard to find instructions online or from other wood stove aficionados on how to use it if the model is a bit obsolete as compared to what we have today.

At this point in time, when you already have your wood burning stove initialized, the next thing that you should be able to know is the classification of wood that you should utilize as fuel. What is proper for you to utilize in your chimneys is always similar with what you will use in your wood stove.  Seasoned and dried wood is the way to go.

These are slow-burning and dry wood which are excellent for your wood stove especially if you want a continuous and hot fire. Wood like eucalyptus, oak, apple and maple have a intensified BTU or more commonly known as British Thermal Unit, thus producing longer and hotter flames. If you are short of finances to purchase seasoned wood, you can purchase green wood and process it yourself. But, doing so is a bit of time-consuming and is not energy-saving. You should also stay away from using green wood because they will leave a lot of remnants which are very complicated to maintain. As soon as you have the proper classification of wood with you, you can begin creating your fire. Similarly, you have to perform the proper method of maintaining and creating fire. Initially, you have to put on a minimal woof to burn and accumulate charcoal for fast fire-making and to produce continuous source of fire and heat. After these steps, you can maintain the fire by slowly putting bigger logs to your stove.

A look beyond the promise and assurance of wood flooring - Part 2/2

And now, we go to the most important part of the wood flooring’s feature:

I. Wood Flooring is susceptible to ageing. Ageing to wood floors simply relates to losing its luster over time because of the wood’s wear and tear. Say for example, if “your carpet has aged”, you would think that it is time to purchase and replace it with a new carpet. But, one of the most extraordinary characteristic of wood flooring is its capability to appear better with age. Wood floors already come with tons of natural features and charm. With appropriate maintenance, normal traffic and use should just enhance the beautiful appearance of your wood flooring. A real wood floor can be refinished to immortalize its original shine and luster. This is a characteristic that cannot be done on wood-like products like laminate, porcelain and vinyl.

These are all efficient features, but what I really want to pay close attention on this next part of the article is the photo-sensitivity of wood floors. Wood has the tendency to color over time when exposed to elements like the sunlight. To tell you the truth, some wood flooring can eat up about eighteen (18) months to mature and bloom into its full color. Other floor coverings, however, might be prone to discoloration and fading when exposed to prolong heat of the sun. So while it is true that other wood floors look older over time, it beautifies wood flooring, giving them freedom to attain their full potential and exude elegance with their true color. This is a crucial attribute for consumers because a freshly installed floor might not always appear like the samples you witness in the show room, which has attain to reach its full color.

Consumers also must be very vigilant and sensitive about moving their furniture and area rugs to stay away from untoward discoloration. Exotic hardwoods and natural finish hardwoods are considered to be the most photosensitive. A lot of hardwoods darken and appears to be bolder over time, but some wood elements like Mahogany basically gets lighter with the heat of the sun. If you are truly concern on how sunlight will affect on your floor, buy a hardwood that has been colored with a darker wood stain, or buy wood classes like Northern Red Oak which is less photosensitive as compared to other species.


II. Wood Floors are susceptible to Moisture. Wood flooring are known to be overly sensitive to moisture. That comprises changes in subfloor moisture, humidity, and surface moisture. Damages because of moisture related concerns can result in cracking, buckling and cupping of wood planks. It is fundamental to get the services of an expert installation team that is common with wood and its reaction to moisture. Appropriate maintenance by the consumer is similarly essential. Standing water should be immediately taken out. You have to ensure that wood flooring should be maintained in a climate-controlled environment.

One tip to fight the reactions of moisture on your wood floor is to select engineered wood flooring. This kind of wood flooring is an excellent choice over solid, because its construction incorporates dimensional stability to the wooden planks. The layers of ply boards beneath the veneer are laid cross ways, minimizing the ability of the wood to contract and expand together with the grains when there is a sudden change in level of moisture.

 Moisture damage on wooden flooring

Moisture damage on wooden flooring

A look beyond the promise and assurance of wood flooring - Part 1/2

Adherence to expectations is equally essential with huge purchases like flooring. This is quite true when dealing with hardwood floors. It is without a doubt that a new hardwood floor will incorporate a facet of aesthetic and warmth to your home. A lot of customers do not have an idea that wood flooring possesses extraordinary features that make it not the excellent choice for everyone.

 Scratch on flooring

Scratch on flooring

This article, which is based on two parts is by no means meant to discourage you from purchasing a hardwood floor, but you do require taking into considerations these four excellent facts in relation to hardwood floors before buying it:


I. Wood Floors are prone to scratches.

There are several finishes that manufacturers put on wood flooring in order to make them scratch resistant. The most famous finish to this date is Aluminum Oxide. Wood Flooring also pairs with a wear warranty ranging from five to fifty years. Wear warranties, however, basically only guarantee that the veneer of wood will not completely wear through. You cannot find ant-scratch warranties in the wood industry. All wood floorings, regardless of what the finishing or the wood quality is, will be prone to scratch. That being said, you have to ensure to prepare your home for a wood floor prior to installing. It is an excellent idea to utilize furniture protectors, area rugs, floor mats in guarding your wood against scratches. To add, you might want to mull over installing tile in your passage ways, since it is the busiest area in terms of traffic. If there are huge children or pets in your house, you have to consider laminated flooring which is more resistant to scratches.

II. There is a guarantee that wood flooring will Indent.

Wood floors are regarded as soft product, but they are prone to denting from drops or heavy use. No wood flooring is dent-proof, but several classes of wood have several hardness degrees as well. The Janka test is utilized to know the hardness or softness of wood specie. Using this kind of test, wood species are supplied a score in terms of a force needed to embed a steel ball into the wood itself. It is known that the higher the score, the better the wood is in terms of resisting wear and dents.  Northern Red Oak, the standard class of wood utilized in flooring, is the basic to which all other classes are measured against. It possesses an all-time score of 1290. There are certain classes that have a score of more than 3000 and while they wear better in terms of everyday use, they will still dent at some time, subjected to a heavy drop of load. If you are really paying attention to your floors ability to withstand dents, you can resort to other options. There are “wood-like” porcelain and laminated products that are high-pressure and a lot more resistant to wear and tear. To add, a hand scraped or distressed wood floor will perform an excellent job at hiding dents and other types of wear on your floor.


The fundamentals of Wood Restoration - Part 2/2

The next part will pay attention on other methods that you may want to incorporate aside from cleaning.

Clean, the what to do next? A lot of power-washing contractors incorporate preservation methods to their services while some simply restrict their work to restoring its aesthetic element. Are you mulling over incorporating services aside from cleaning?

 Wood restoration

Wood restoration

Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages:


·   You can obtain added business from each client.

·   You can enhance your client base because you can obtain customers who only require cleaning, customers who require protection, or both.

·   A lot of clients need application for finishing.


 ·  You may return some other day to perform finishing jobs like sealing or coating.

· You can perform pressure-washing even during rainy days, but coating jobs is practically weather dependent.

·  You will not receive your full payment until you finished all your work.

Wrapping up what you started. When doing wood restoration, you have to be cautious that three classifications of finish products are prevalent: stain products, wood preservation products, and water repellant products. Basically, the regular paint job can reach up to ten years while stain, preservative protection and water repellant can last within a maximum period of three years.

Water repellant products has two major drawbacks. Even carefully applying them, water can still go inside the tiny pores of the wood. To add, water repellant only supplies protection for short term.

On the other hand, wood preservative products can protect wood from a broad array of elements like insects, decay, mildew and termites. When purchasing wood that has been pressure preserved, bear in mind that it already possess protection against insects, decay and termites. Lastly, stain products are practically paints that manufactures have slow down. Aside from looking attractive, stains also give the similar ultra violet ray protection that paints do. Look for stains that contain “titanium dioxide” and stains possessing solid colors, to avail of the maximum amount of protection.

Listed below are some tips and tricks to aid you in applying finishing jobs excellently:

· Always check on the direction of the manufacturer because more often than not, these supply tips on how to apply.

· Always make a test patch if you are doubtful about the possible outcome.

·  After pressure washing, look at the wood to ensure it has fully dried.

·  Never apply the finishing element in direct sunlight.

·  Never worry so much in terms of coating your undersides. In a lot of cases, this is not essential.

·  Use cardboard spray shields to aid you in masking the complex areas.

·  Take out oversprays or drips while they are still not dry.

·  Whatever your purpose is, a professional type drop fabric can do excellent work as compared to plastic sheets.

·  Spray first before you brush on.

·  Air sprayer can also be an excellent tool if it is properly set up.

·  Bear in mind though, that if you are spraying watery element, an airless sprayer can accumulate a lot of misting.


The fundamentals of wood restoration - Part 1/2

Even though we do not talk about it a lot, the Second Law of Thermodynamics has an impact on each other’s lives. Fundamentally, it means anything left on its own will surely begin to decline. Fortunately, we can retaliate through maintenance, like utilizing the process of restoring wood. Such processes can be avoided or perhaps even reverse the deterioration process. Oftentimes, it can practically restore the wood into its original condition.

Simply put, wood is a lot more vulnerable to its surroundings more than we know. Some of its main enemies include sunlight, temperature and time itself. These reactions on wood can come up with an array of unwanted outputs, like rotting, warping, mildew, splitting and accumulations of moss. But, utilizing some fundamental wood restoration processes can work wonders of several types of wood items.

 Wood care and cleaning

Wood care and cleaning

The first part of this article will focus on the wood’s enemy.

Weather: The wood’s best enemy. While it is true that trees need sunlight, it can possess a huge impact on wood products. Say for example, Ultraviolet rays from the sun can produce a lignin in the wood that weakens it, thus making the fibers not intact.  To add, the sunlight can cause unwanted wood heating. Thus, one side can dry faster as compared to the side which does not have the direct heat of the sun.

Other weathering foes of wood are prevalent as well. In cold communities, cycles of thawing and freezing can cause added stress on wood, thus coming up with a need for restoration. Further, damp wood can attract fungal spores to stick themselves onto the wood and produce / "reproduce". Unluckily, pressure treatment of hood has minimal success in avoiding the accumulation of fungal spores.

Cleaning of Wood: The process wood to restore to its original aesthetic can incorporate several processes. These methods can vary from a basic pressure washing to an immensely complex method with the use of several steps and special chemicals. It is best recommended that novices only handle wood restoration responsibilities when the impact of weather is even and moderate. 

 Pressure washing on exterior decking

Pressure washing on exterior decking

Fundamentals of Pressure Washing: If you eye on utilizing pressure wash to be able to restore wood, consider using specific techniques:

Begin from the bottom then work it out upwards.

1.      Stay away from using too much pressure.

2.      Wand along and shift the wood’s grain instead of shifting across.

3.      Keep the wand at similar angle to the ground.

4.      Maintain the distance similar from the nozzle to the ground.

5.      Dust away any remaining thin signs of dirt utilizing a soft brush.

6.      Utilize added treatment when wood seems to absorb water.

As day goes by, you will be able to know more about what to do and how to do about it. For example, you may look for barbecue grease on your deck. What do you want to make on it? You can apply automotive degreaser, or water-rinse method and a lot has utilized it to excellent results. Other specialized products for cleaning are prevalent. Basically, you spray them by applying a pressure washer to power rinse. These include stain removers, brighteners, and strippers.

Should chlorine bleach be utilized? Modern theory dictates bleach should not be utilized alone, but always in combination with proper detergent. It is a known fact that bleach can take away stain and avid mildew, but it is not an efficient cleaning element. Other type of stain such as rust that is bleach resistant reacts excellently to oxalic acid-based cleaners.

Tips and Tricks on Wood Maintenance

Wood maintenance is of a primary concern for everyone, an vary according to the kind of wood and its use such as in furniture, cabinets, wood flooring, and many more. If you care for your wood items then it will be immortalized and will remain in similar condition in which you have bought it. Although wood maintenance is not a complex task, you will have to bear in mind several parameters, tips, and tricks, to maintain your wood furniture. Listed below are some of them:

·         Wood life can be sustained by polishing it as this will not give the freedom for the wood to dry fast. Care on wood furniture must include polishing at least once every year with liquid polish, spray polish or semi-solid polish.

·         Use white and soft fabric for polishing your wood furniture and polish in the direction of the wood grains.

·         Stay away from wood polish that contains alcohol or silicon. Aerosols or spray polish are the simplest form to utilize when maintaining your wood furniture.

·         There are wood polishes that are available in oil or emulsion type form. Organic solvents, oils and waxes are the emulsion polishes. On the other hand, mineral, paraffin, walnut oil, Linseed oil are the oil type polishes. Lemon oil is considered to be the most efficient and best wood polish for your furniture.

·         The third classifications of wood polishes are paste waxes or more commonly known as semi-solid polishes. There are not harmful to the wood as compared to the first two classifications. But do not use it regularly because a thick application of wax is also bad for your wood thus, having an ugly appearance. Although utilizing wax polish is a bit difficult but always leans towards using semi-solid wax polish for your care in your wood furniture, floor, and cabinets. This is considered as the safest and do not result in any wood damage.

·         Combine lemon oil in three parts of olive oil. Utilize this mixture as wood polish for your furniture, floor and cabinets at home.

·         Utilize scratch powder to hide scratches on your wood furniture. Use a white soft fabric for application. Apply it gently and rub it smoothly on the wood surface.

·         To take out candle wax from your wood dining furniture or even flooring, let the wax get hard until such time that it becomes cool. Then apply ice on it. Take a plastic spatula to avoid scratches in scraping the wax off.

·         To eliminate water spots from your wooden furniture, let it dry and then use mayonnaise with a soft white fabric. Rub it on the water spot and you will be amazes to witness the watermark gone in no time. It is best recommended to utilize wooden coaster under glass in order to stay away from water spots. Watch out to not stain your wood in the process, you better try it on some non visible part first!!!

·         Do not put wood furniture directly under the heat of the sun because this will cause immediate dryness.

·         Do not put wood furniture directly under the cold of the air conditioning system because this will cause immediate dryness.

At the end of the day, always look for the welfare of your furniture to attain a lasting use.

Feel free to contact us for any question regarding your hardwood care.

 Carpenter applying tung oil on an Ulin countertop

Carpenter applying tung oil on an Ulin countertop