Organic Farming: a way to sustainable development

Organic farming modifies the quality of environmental resources based upon the requirement of agricultural economy. It makes the most effective utilization of non-renewable resources and non-farm resources as well as integrates natural biological controls and cycles. It help to preserve economic viability of farm operations as well as modify the way farmers lives which translate to society in general.

Organic farming is a method of agriculture that depends on skills like green manure, crop rotation, biological pest control and composting. It also utilizes pesticides and fertilizers regarded as natural but exclude the usage of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, human sewage sludge, plant growth regulations and nano-materials to be able to attain independence, health and safety, and sustainability as a whole.

Meanwhile, when farmers rely on a successful harvest, it is very easy to comprehend why farmers use pesticides that give fast, but short sighted solutions to complicated issues. Without realizing that the traditional pesticide-free processes to feed plants and soil could also supply productive and efficient solutions to farmer’s soil.

An organic farm is a type of farm whose prototype is constructed mimicking a natural system. It is a chance to lessen agriculture’s contribution to climate change.

Sustainable farming

Sustainable farming

Using organic farming practices can:

·         Fix nitrogen content in soil by using legumes

·         Enhance quality of soil by utilizing organic materials

·         Regulate weeds and pests by means of crop rotation, organic manures, natural predators, and biological diversity

·         Maintenance of nutrition, health, housing, breading and rearing of livestocks

·         Conservation of wildlife and natural habitats

Organic farming starts with every farmer. And as it is implemented, effects of it can be realized in no time.

vegetable growing

There are many ways to contribute to sustainable development, and organic farming is only one of them. We cannot deny the fact that organic farming is a key to sustainable development because it supplements income to farmers and a guaranteed livelihood to the community as a whole. It should be promoted everywhere in the globe in order to save mother earth and be able to sustain its life for the generations of tomorrow.

This video of Pascal Poot, a french farmer, shows how he grow all sorts of vegetables without a drop of water. Sustainable and organic farming at its best!

We take this opportunity to wish all our readers and guests a Merry sustainable Christmas and soon Happy green New Year :]