Ten Tips and Tricks to Immortalize Your Hardwood Flooring

High quality hardwood flooring materials when treated properly can be immortalized. The most efficient treatment methods comprise preventive maintenance tailored to secure your hardwood flooring from moisture and scratches that destroys your hardwood flooring.

The National Wood Flooring Association began almost twenty (20) years ago for hardwood flooring specialists’ portal of ideas, enhance their knowledge and hone their skills. At this point in time, with almost four thousand (4000) members all over the globe, it is an extraordinary source for training, technical know-how and more importantly, industry information. Listed below are several tips and tricks to maintain your hardwood flooring with the help of hardwood flooring specialists:


·         Do not over wax your hardwood floors. Instead of over waxing it; just buff a dull hardwood floor.

·         Use rugs to avoid scratches on your hardwood floors. Position them in high-traffic areas to aid in preventing dirt, small debris that causes scratches, and grit.

·         Stay away from using tile floor care products and sheet vinyl on hardwood flooring. There is a tendency that products like acrylic waxes may lead to a dull and slippery hard wood.

·         Stay away from using wet-mop. There is a great chance that improper amount of water can make the floor finish dull and has a tendency to damage the wood.

·         Spills can cause discoloration specially when there is high chemical content. So you have to wipe up any spills immediately.

·         Glides can aid you in preventing scratches on your hardwood floor. These are beneficial in avoiding scratches and scuffs. Put glides under the legs of all your furniture especially if it is prone to produce scratches.

·         Do not walk across your hardwood floors in sport shoes, cleats, or even high heels. This type of impact produces friction that can leave a dent on the surface of your hardwood floors.

·         When moving furniture and re-designing your interiors, you have to be extra careful by not sliding it. Instead, pick your furniture up to prevent from touching it when moving.

·         IN order to secure your wood kitchen floor from possible moisture, put an area rug in front of the kitchen sink. This will prevent water and moisture from spreading all over the kitchen. Rugs can easily absorb moisture. Replace them from time to time, depending on the use.

·         Humidifier can be a best way to battle wood shrinkage and movement which is very prone during dry seasons and in countries with arid climates; these places are prone from wood warping and discoloration, depending on the climate and temperature. No matter how good your adhesives are, there is still a possibility or wood warping, so humidifiers can counter that trauma.

Truly indeed, hardwood flooring does not only make you home the center of attention. Hardwood floors can play a very important role in the value of your property. If maintained and secure properly, hardwood floors become classier over time. And at the end of the day, you will surely realize significant increase in the value of your property.

Hardwood flooring with finishing

Hardwood flooring with finishing





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