The essence of using reclaimed barn wood

Hundreds of years ago, a wise king once said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” The statement was real then and still prevalent as of the very moment. You do not believe it? Then look at the emergence of utilizing items like paper, metal, old furniture, wood and a lot more that we once would have tossed. Today, we shell out some time looking for schemes to incorporate those old elements to be something appealing and well-blended in the contemporary scheme. One element that is immensely famous is reclaimed barn wood.

There are a lot of reasons that individuals are leaning towards using reclaimed wood instead of going to the lumber shop and buying a new one. Listed below are some of them:

Reclaim wood waiting to be re-used

Reclaim wood waiting to be re-used

1.      In a realm where we are practically looking for manners to recycle, it is time to go back to the fundamentals. So let us start with wood. By utilizing reclaimed barn wood, you are contributing in preserving the forest and using the resources responsibly which the nature provides.

 2.      Setting up the use of reclaimed barn wood takes minimal toll on the environment.

 3.      It would take more energy to process new lumber as compared to reclaimed barn wood for a project.

 4.      Because today’s contemporary design often wants wood from your virgin trees, those commercially grown are practically long enough to obtain their optimized size. Basically, utilizing reclaimed wood gives you the freedom to have longer planks of wood in terms of cut, making it ideal for bigger projects.

 5.      And because reclaimed wood has been regarded as durable, it is fully dried out and can stand the test of time as compared to new lumber.

 6.      Every element of reclaimed wood is practically different. So, you can be able to come up with an extraordinary design and pattern. This scheme in color and patterning makes it ideal for flooring, ceiling, countertops and a lot more decorative elements such as accent walls in office or home.

 7.      Reclaimed barn wood is oftentimes regarded as story wood or historical wood because each piece tells a story. When you buy reclaimed wood, you have to make sure to ask about the wood’s history. After all, there is something extraordinary special in terms of acquiring a piece of history.

 8.      When it is utilized for a project, where it will not be stepped on, there is no need to treat it using stains or sealants. Thus, it is faster to install. When using reclaimed wood for flooring, it can be prepared with minimal sanding, and staining is only an option. But, in terms of staining you do not mind about the integrity of the wood as staining will only showcase the wood’s imperfections that make it unique and a cut above the rest. There are a lot of sources of reclaimed wood. You can find some in salvage shops, on the property area by visiting thrift shops and even contracting a company to make new lumber appear like old ones. But regardless of where you acquire, you are ensured to be overly satisfied with the finished project in which it is utilized.

So, do you have anything in mind? Start now!

Reclaim ulin (ironwood) beam

Reclaim ulin (ironwood) beam