Tips and Tricks on Wood Maintenance

Wood maintenance is of a primary concern for everyone, an vary according to the kind of wood and its use such as in furniture, cabinets, wood flooring, and many more. If you care for your wood items then it will be immortalized and will remain in similar condition in which you have bought it. Although wood maintenance is not a complex task, you will have to bear in mind several parameters, tips, and tricks, to maintain your wood furniture. Listed below are some of them:

·         Wood life can be sustained by polishing it as this will not give the freedom for the wood to dry fast. Care on wood furniture must include polishing at least once every year with liquid polish, spray polish or semi-solid polish.

·         Use white and soft fabric for polishing your wood furniture and polish in the direction of the wood grains.

·         Stay away from wood polish that contains alcohol or silicon. Aerosols or spray polish are the simplest form to utilize when maintaining your wood furniture.

·         There are wood polishes that are available in oil or emulsion type form. Organic solvents, oils and waxes are the emulsion polishes. On the other hand, mineral, paraffin, walnut oil, Linseed oil are the oil type polishes. Lemon oil is considered to be the most efficient and best wood polish for your furniture.

·         The third classifications of wood polishes are paste waxes or more commonly known as semi-solid polishes. There are not harmful to the wood as compared to the first two classifications. But do not use it regularly because a thick application of wax is also bad for your wood thus, having an ugly appearance. Although utilizing wax polish is a bit difficult but always leans towards using semi-solid wax polish for your care in your wood furniture, floor, and cabinets. This is considered as the safest and do not result in any wood damage.

·         Combine lemon oil in three parts of olive oil. Utilize this mixture as wood polish for your furniture, floor and cabinets at home.

·         Utilize scratch powder to hide scratches on your wood furniture. Use a white soft fabric for application. Apply it gently and rub it smoothly on the wood surface.

·         To take out candle wax from your wood dining furniture or even flooring, let the wax get hard until such time that it becomes cool. Then apply ice on it. Take a plastic spatula to avoid scratches in scraping the wax off.

·         To eliminate water spots from your wooden furniture, let it dry and then use mayonnaise with a soft white fabric. Rub it on the water spot and you will be amazes to witness the watermark gone in no time. It is best recommended to utilize wooden coaster under glass in order to stay away from water spots. Watch out to not stain your wood in the process, you better try it on some non visible part first!!!

·         Do not put wood furniture directly under the heat of the sun because this will cause immediate dryness.

·         Do not put wood furniture directly under the cold of the air conditioning system because this will cause immediate dryness.

At the end of the day, always look for the welfare of your furniture to attain a lasting use.

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Carpenter applying tung oil on an Ulin countertop

Carpenter applying tung oil on an Ulin countertop