A look beyond the promise and assurance of wood flooring - Part 2/2

And now, we go to the most important part of the wood flooring’s feature:

I. Wood Flooring is susceptible to ageing. Ageing to wood floors simply relates to losing its luster over time because of the wood’s wear and tear. Say for example, if “your carpet has aged”, you would think that it is time to purchase and replace it with a new carpet. But, one of the most extraordinary characteristic of wood flooring is its capability to appear better with age. Wood floors already come with tons of natural features and charm. With appropriate maintenance, normal traffic and use should just enhance the beautiful appearance of your wood flooring. A real wood floor can be refinished to immortalize its original shine and luster. This is a characteristic that cannot be done on wood-like products like laminate, porcelain and vinyl.

These are all efficient features, but what I really want to pay close attention on this next part of the article is the photo-sensitivity of wood floors. Wood has the tendency to color over time when exposed to elements like the sunlight. To tell you the truth, some wood flooring can eat up about eighteen (18) months to mature and bloom into its full color. Other floor coverings, however, might be prone to discoloration and fading when exposed to prolong heat of the sun. So while it is true that other wood floors look older over time, it beautifies wood flooring, giving them freedom to attain their full potential and exude elegance with their true color. This is a crucial attribute for consumers because a freshly installed floor might not always appear like the samples you witness in the show room, which has attain to reach its full color.

Consumers also must be very vigilant and sensitive about moving their furniture and area rugs to stay away from untoward discoloration. Exotic hardwoods and natural finish hardwoods are considered to be the most photosensitive. A lot of hardwoods darken and appears to be bolder over time, but some wood elements like Mahogany basically gets lighter with the heat of the sun. If you are truly concern on how sunlight will affect on your floor, buy a hardwood that has been colored with a darker wood stain, or buy wood classes like Northern Red Oak which is less photosensitive as compared to other species.


II. Wood Floors are susceptible to Moisture. Wood flooring are known to be overly sensitive to moisture. That comprises changes in subfloor moisture, humidity, and surface moisture. Damages because of moisture related concerns can result in cracking, buckling and cupping of wood planks. It is fundamental to get the services of an expert installation team that is common with wood and its reaction to moisture. Appropriate maintenance by the consumer is similarly essential. Standing water should be immediately taken out. You have to ensure that wood flooring should be maintained in a climate-controlled environment.

One tip to fight the reactions of moisture on your wood floor is to select engineered wood flooring. This kind of wood flooring is an excellent choice over solid, because its construction incorporates dimensional stability to the wooden planks. The layers of ply boards beneath the veneer are laid cross ways, minimizing the ability of the wood to contract and expand together with the grains when there is a sudden change in level of moisture.

Moisture damage on wooden flooring

Moisture damage on wooden flooring