Tips and Tricks for Wood Stove Owners

A wood stove or a wood-burning stove has a lot of uses. Despite the growing technology that we experience today, the effectiveness of these wood burning stoves are still immeasurable. The world as of the moment is electric and gas stove dependent. There are some which are digital just like you operate your cellphones. If you would have the chance to talk with people from earlier generations, the high technology devices which were invented in our era never tickled their imagination. Still, it is very efficient to find out that a lot of people nowadays are still utilizing wood stoves in their homes. This may be because of the fact that not all people in this very world are fond of accepting fast rising technology. This may also be because it has been a healthy habit to use wood stoves in their house or business.

Two of the purposes of wood burning stoves are destined for cooking or for heating element at home such as fireplaces. A lot of business nowadays is still using them for cooking food and to make their stores warm during the cold season. Whatever the purpose of these wood burning stoves can be, they are still regarded as effective. People who have been in to wood stoves for a long period of time are, basically, knowledgeable in terms of using wood burning stoves and maintaining them.

Wood stove in action!

Wood stove in action!

For those who are eyeing to purchase their own wood stove, or for those who knows more about maintaining it, here are some tips and tricks:

If you already possess a wood stove, you have to ensure that you abide all the guidelines which will be given to you in the form of a manual. If you purchased a second-hand stove, ask the seller about the essentials on how to use it so you will have general information on how to use it especially if it is an earlier model. It is a bit hard to find instructions online or from other wood stove aficionados on how to use it if the model is a bit obsolete as compared to what we have today.

At this point in time, when you already have your wood burning stove initialized, the next thing that you should be able to know is the classification of wood that you should utilize as fuel. What is proper for you to utilize in your chimneys is always similar with what you will use in your wood stove.  Seasoned and dried wood is the way to go.

These are slow-burning and dry wood which are excellent for your wood stove especially if you want a continuous and hot fire. Wood like eucalyptus, oak, apple and maple have a intensified BTU or more commonly known as British Thermal Unit, thus producing longer and hotter flames. If you are short of finances to purchase seasoned wood, you can purchase green wood and process it yourself. But, doing so is a bit of time-consuming and is not energy-saving. You should also stay away from using green wood because they will leave a lot of remnants which are very complicated to maintain. As soon as you have the proper classification of wood with you, you can begin creating your fire. Similarly, you have to perform the proper method of maintaining and creating fire. Initially, you have to put on a minimal woof to burn and accumulate charcoal for fast fire-making and to produce continuous source of fire and heat. After these steps, you can maintain the fire by slowly putting bigger logs to your stove.