Recreate an Eco-Friendly Home

This is not a drill!

Going eco-friendly is not just a trend, but a lifestyle here to stay. The call back to nature is affecting many people these days, and whenever possible, they move back to the countryside but sometimes the move is difficult and it is necessary to bring nature to us. Homeowners have learned about indoor pollution, climate change and other deforestation topics, and they increasingly express their love for nature within their homes. 

Indeed, if you have been contemplating of going green, and decide to have an environment-friendly home, the need to redesign both exterior and interior using eco-friendly materials is the way to go. One way to do it is to modernize them to become more environmentally-friendly. Sometimes, metal and plastic appliances are being replaced by wood and other eco-friendly materials whenever available.

Painted walls? Yes but..

Another important aspect is the type of paint used. It is unfortunately common for old walls to be painted with paint that includes Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), solvents being release solvents in the air as the paint dries. These solvents could be a health hazard and create headaches or dizziness. Aside from paint, other materials such as adhesives, cleaning supplies, and varnish, could include VOC solvents. Therefore, the first step when purchasing the paint you want for your eco-friendly walls is to look carefully into their compositions.

Redo the flooring

Since the objective here is a major transformation toward an eco-friendly home, consider revamping your flooring using environmentally friendly materials. Of course, Kaltimber would recommend first and foremost using reclaimed wood, but there are numerous other eco-friendly flooring materials that you may use: modular carpet tiles, bamboo, or "real" linoleum Real linoleum—as distinct from synthetic versions or vinyl—which is made from all-natural materials, including wood flour, rosins, ground limestone, powdered cork, pigments, jute and linseed oil.. These materials are not only good for nature, they are affordable and easy to install.

Reclaim hardwood flooring - Kaltimber project

Reclaim hardwood flooring - Kaltimber project

 Go for natural lighting

Now, this can bring so much impact on your home and your health: getting proper and, yet affordable and eco-friendly lighting. Where else to get this than straight from the sun? The initial cost is high but no need to explain to you about the long-term benefits, including financials. If you want to make the most of your eco-friendly home, try switching your expensive fossil-based energy supply to natural one thanks to solar energy. Solar panels are a great investment since they will last years and are affordable to maintain.

Alternatively, you can start by installing large windows to get as much natural light as possible. Big windows can give enough light for you not to use the electricity for a longer period of time. It is not easy to do a U-Turn from being too modernized toward becoming environmentally friendly, but it is possible, step by step.

You may start by researching all good ideas on how you can slowly change your home into an eco-friendly home. You might be hesitant at first, but as soon as you will have decided to make a stand for your home and nature, you will get the benefits in no time. Investing in more reliable and eco-friendly materials it will cost you at first, but this might turn into your biggest investment having the best return in the future on your finances and, more importantly, your health.

Natural light, air flow, reclaim hardwood flooring…eco-friendly 101!

Natural light, air flow, reclaim hardwood flooring…eco-friendly 101!