Energy Efficiency: Your home can be an Eco-Friendly Environment

As electrical appliances keep piling up, and associated power bills skyrocketing, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Aside from money savings, improving your energy savings can also play a crucial role in preserving the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint.

Some of the eco-friendly methods to turn into a more eco-friendly are simple but can lead to important savings. While they can vary in terms of initial investments, the long-term savings for your bank account and the planet are worth the additional cost:

Conduct an energy audit

Auditing your house  will help you to assess where you use the most energy, hence where you should focus your attention to make improvements. We are talking here about potential obsolete appliances, air leaks, or defective cooling and heating systems, and more importantly, the efficiency of your overall electrical system. Thanks to such audit, you will be able get a better idea of how energy is being utilized in your home on a daily basis and where savings can be made.

Assured Insulation Solutions, LLC

Assured Insulation Solutions, LLC

Manage the Airflow

Not many people realize this but significant amount of their home energy is lost to drafts within windows and doors as hot air is leaking while cold air is going the other way, either from outside or colder portions of the home such as the basement. Airflow problems usually come from gaps improperly sealed windows and door and filling gaps is not a big deal, especially considering the savings you can generate.

Consider Insulated Windows

Far too common in older buildings, energy often escape from the windows themselves, and if you are conscious of energy spendings, then you should try shifting towards using efficiently sealed and insulated windows. Such double or triple pane window can significantly reduce the power requirements of the home by preventing heat loss during the cold season and keeping cool air in during the hot season. If your budget is limited, you can decide to focus your investment on selected portions of your home where energy drainage is likely to occur. An information that the energy audit would have helped you to identify.

Wood flooring and ceiling

Aside from anything wood-based giving warmer feeling than slob flooring, wood flooring is also great for energy savings, especially when coupled a floor heating system because it has a higher thermal mass. Wood and other solid materials significantly reduce your home’s temperature fluctuation because they absorb and store heat.

Wood flooring is great and if your budget is significant, consider getting some wooden ceiling to get the perfect combo!  

Kaltimber flooring

Kaltimber flooring

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