The Most Ideal Wood for Beginners

The idea here is to know your wood. Wood is comprised of cellulose fibers bound together with an element called lignin. It can be classified as softwood or hardwood, basically depending on the class of tree from where it originates.  Further, new growth wood or sapwood on a tree is still alive. On the other hand, heartwood refers to the part of the tree that has already stopped functioning. These two classes of wood also have several uses and features. Knowing a lot about the different woods can aid you in finding out which to utilize, how to work the wood, and what issues to anticipate, and more importantly, the proper maintenance and care of the finished wood product.

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There are tons of different types of wood and trees, with a broad array of colors, grain, figure, density and other features that affect its application and workability to several elements of uses. The following is a description and listing of some of the more popular woods utilized in woodworking.

·         White Ash. This is an inexpensive but durable wood that has light color texture  and bends well. White ash is utilized as sports equipment like canoe paddles, baseball bats. It is also used in tool handles, pool cues, and other items that need strength and durability.

·         Balsa Wood. This is considered to be one of the lightest hardwood, balsa wood has been utilized for model building, canoes, rafts and other scenarios where a buoyant, light wood is required. It is basically white in color and prices vary depending on the country. This is extremely soft and can be worked with hand tools. Durability of this type of wood is a bit questionable.

·         Basswood. This is also a versatile but cheap hardwood that is frequently used for  woodcarving. It is light, soft, fine textured and colors manifest from light to dark brown. It is also used for making kitchen utensils, toys and crates.

·         Birchwood. This wood is also known as paper birch. It is a white tree growing in wild forest and its bark peels like paper every now and then. It has creamy sapwood and darkens toward the heartwood. This is probably one of the most famous woods with beginner furniture makers because of its cost-efficiency. It can also be utilized in making toys, plywood, and cabinets. It will tend to weaken when it is left unfinished.

·         Butternut Wood. A course textured which is light in color. This is commonly use for veneers, church altars and woodenware.

·         Aromatic Cedar. This is unique in its red shade. The aroma is somehow spicy yet pleasing. More commonly known as red cedar, is a famous woodworking material for closets and containers. It has light and dark alternating colors and may also have dark knots, making it an eye candy especially after finish.

·         Cherry Black Wood. The sapwood is light in color but the heartwood does vary from light brown to dark burgundy color. The wood grains look appealing and it is often used in cabinetry.

Grain wood

These types of woods are the best for beginners in the woodworking industry. There more to discover in terms of woodworking.