Woodworms – The Definitive Wood Foe

Sunbathing woodworm… - source mapio.net

Sunbathing woodworm… - source mapio.net

When talking about wood preservation, the most frequent cause for treatment and considered to be one of the most complicated would have to be on how to defeat woodworms. These scary insects not only bore in to the wood but lay eggs inside. They start a whole cycle where a larva emerges to be a one destructive wooden beetle. Think of it as a cycle which keeps on repeating over and over again on your different wooden panels, doors, fixtures, and other wooden elements.

Basically, there are three kinds of woodworms that are prevalent on the list of culprits, and they can penetrate in to everything from your ceilings, wooden floorings, and practically any type of wooden items inside. They are the regular beetle, the Death watch beetle, and the long horn beetle.

Damages left over by wood pest including woodworms - source bristolandwestpreservations.co.uk

Damages left over by wood pest including woodworms - source bristolandwestpreservations.co.uk

The method to treat woodworm will depend on the type as well as the extent of damage done to your property. If the woodworm infestation is only relatively at the initial stage, then it will be probable to treat the issue with topical application of preservatives and chemicals. On the other hand, the most complicated damage will need deeper penetrating applications and strong chemicals. However, exact application should be strictly followed and the product will naturally come in a paste or gel to be able to reach the deepest grain of wood.

For bigger, wooden elements, it may be required to specify which regions have been totally or partially affected and need treatment. This is because of the fact that the treatment is not a trial and error type. That would be a total waste of money. In cases of large woodworm damage, it is probable to sound out the bigger voids or weak regions with the use of a hammer or other boring tools which will give way for the workers to apply the said preservative in just the right place.

Application of different treatment for woodworm with practically any type of wood preservative will need that the house be cleaned and vacated for at least one whole day afterwards, and practically when we say  evacuation, meaning, all of you. You have to abide by the safety parameters to make sure that caring for your wooden elements does not mean putting your own health at risk.

These types of pests will need serious treatment and these pests are wise in their own way. You might think that after a single treatment, all of them will be swiped away. You may be wrong. There are woodworms, especially larger ones that play immortal and stay inside your wooden elements. Specialized treatments and application are needed for this type.

At the end of the day, your peace of mind and the safety and health of your family members is at stake. So, there is nothing wrong in consulting pest control expert to address and assess your impending issue at home. Care for your wood, care for your family. After all, you are doing this for each of them.

For any type of wooden construction make sure your material is free from any kind of pests by pre treating them. Natural products are available such as Freemite.
Other solution such as ironwood are a great option for a fully natural construction and the peace of mind that woodpests will not come and destroy your “precious”.