Terms & Conditions

Here you will find the terms and conditions when making a purchase with Kaltimber, where we outline what you are agreeing to when entering into a purchase with Kaltimber. 

Please review these to limit confusion and enable us to provide the highest possible customer experience.

You can always contact us with any questions at info@kaltimber.com


Sales Agreement

Thank you for selecting Kaltimber products for your project. Following are the Terms & Conditions under which we sell these products. Please ask us if you have any questions.

1. Product Variability

Reclaimed wood is a natural substance. Unlike many industrially manufactured goods, Kaltimber products will typically show unique, intrinsic character which adds to the beauty of the wood. Our products may include a variety of colors, knots, texture, grain patterns, surface checking, oxide staining, as well as holes from insects, nails and bolts.We strive to make our samples representative of the final product. However, due to the nature of reclaimed wood, our samples may or may not contain all the variations that will be present in the final product.

2. Product Acceptance

Standard Product – Conforms to Specifications

You have up to ten days from receipt of product to request that Kaltimber accept a return of the product. Within this time period you may request a return for any reason. This is how you do so:

·         Notify Kaltimber in writing and within ten days of your receipt of the product that you wish to return product (email to info@kaltimber.com). Your notice must clearly spell out why you are returning the product.

·         Kaltimber Customer Service will promptly contact you in order to arrange for the return.

·         You are responsible for all shipping costs back to Kaltimber and Kaltimber must receive the product back from you no later than 30 days after our original shipping of the product to you.

·         Once we receive the product from you and provided it is still in its original condition (including any packaging), Kaltimber will credit your account for 85% of the original purchase price (but no refund will be due for any shipping costs). In the event this results in a net credit balance on your account, Kaltimber will refund the credit balance to you within 30 days of our receipt of product.

Custom Product – Conforms to Specifications

Kaltimber is not able to accept returns of custom milled products that conform to the specifications as these products have been milled specifically to your requirements.

Standard or Custom Product – Non Conforming

You have up to ten days from receipt of product to alert Kaltimber to any discrepancies between the specifications of the product received and the specifications of the product ordered. If you believe the product you’ve received is different from what you ordered:

·         You must please notify Kaltimber in writing of this discrepancy within ten days of receipt of product (email info@kaltimber.com). Your notice must clearly spell out in what way(s) the product does not conform to the specifications (feel free to include pictures that illustrate the point).

·         Kaltimber Customer Service will promptly contact you in order to resolve the issue.

·         If Kaltimber finds that the product shipped does not match that which was ordered, Kaltimber may at its option:
– Replace or remill the defective material in a timely manner (you will be asked to return the defective product to Kaltimber with shipping paid by Kaltimber), or
– Credit you for the non conforming material once we receive it back at Kaltimber in good condition (you will be asked to return the defective product to Kaltimber with shipping paid by Kaltimber).

3. Payment Terms

Standard payment terms are 50% at the time order is placed with the balance due within 15 days of Kaltimber advising that the product is ready. If you have provided your credit card information to Kaltimber (for example, to pay the initial 50% deposit), Kaltimber will automatically charge your credit card for the final balance if full payment is not received within 15 days.

4. Order Completion

Upon receipt of your deposit, your order will be placed in Kaltimber's production queue. Upon completion, you will be invoiced for the balance and once your account is finalised, your order will be shipped.

5. Installation of Product

Kaltimber cannot and does not take any responsibility for installation issues or problems resulting from installation of any of our products. This means that you accept full responsibility for such issues which can include lost labor, removal labor, reinstallation labor and/or materials for any reason including the following:

·         Failure to properly inspect and reject products prior to installation.

·         Failure to follow internationally recognised standards on flooring installation and maintenance guidelines for hardwood floors.

·         Failure to use a licensed/suitably skilled hardwood floor installer.