Five easy steps in making your own compost - Part 1/2

As seen in our October 1, 2018 article “Tips and Tricks in Starting a Vegetable Garden”, soil quality is a very important component. Here is how to make your own compost in more details!

Sustainable development is very crucial nowadays a lot of things can be done to contribute to sustainable development and maintenance of our ecological systems. There are a lot of activities that is in store for you to be able to contribute to sustainable development. There are activities which you can make in your own backyard. One of which is making your own compost pile!

Home made compost pile - source

Home made compost pile - source

If you are eyeing on “going-green” one of the most effective things you can do is to begin with your vegetable garden. With vegetable garden, you can be able to supplement your immediate family not only with healthy but with organic food right from your very yard. But what if your soil possesses negligible nutrients and stinks as hell for your organics? To tell you the truth, this is not discouraging. The only answer is to come up with your own compost pile. The most efficient thing in terms of having a compost pile is that all you need is a combination of waste food scraps coming from vegetables and fruits, some dirt, leaves, grass and even sawdust which you can delegate the task to your kids so that it will be a family activity.

In order to achieve an effective, precise and fast decomposition of said materials, you need to pay close attention to five factors that will give you the freedom for the compost loving organisms to thrive; aeration, pile temperature, moisture, the ratio of carbon into nitrogen, and more importantly particle size. If you do not supply an efficient environment for the microbes then it would take you several months for your compost to disintegrate. As soon as you obtain the method in making your compost file, you will be able to supply excellent nutrient-rich soil destined for your backyard vegetables.

Listed below are easy steps in making your own composite pile:

·         The initial consideration of your compost pile is to maintain a fair amount of moisture in order for the microbes to thrive. This does not mean to drown it in water instead, you should only make it wet enough for moisture to be maintained. You have to remember that making the mixture too wet can compact the pile down so much that organisms will not be able to move around efficiently to perform their task.

·         The next crucial factor that you have to consider is its aeration during the period of making your compost pile. Do not forget that there are tiny organisms in that pile that are processing the stuff in there, and they multiply each second. And as they grow, they can practically deplete the pile of the oxygen that is needed which will hinder their reproduction. In turn, it will simply prolong your composting period. So you have to secure either a pitchfork or an auger and begin turning over your pile once or twice every week.

The next part will be the conclusion of the article. Are you excited?

Reclaim materials composting pit - eco-bali

Reclaim materials composting pit - eco-bali

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