Kaltimber decking is perfect for your garden, balcony,
or pool deck. 

Decking Profile

Decking Profile


A guide to Kaltimber's decking:

Choose a species

No choice here

Kaltimber recommends only Ulin as the wood that has the strength and inherent natural durability to withstand the harsh climates. 

Pick the thickness

19 mm

Our standard size

Or by special order

We can go up to 40mm

Pick the width


All boards are same 
width, easier for laying

7 and 8 cm (narrow)

14 and 15 cm (wide)


Boards are a mixture of fixed widths, providing more variety; although you have to match ends when laying

Pick the length

Random – $

Boards are between 60 to 390 cm

Incremental – $$

We cut the boards to match the center spaces between your joists

Fixed – $$$

We cut the boards to specific lengths requested by you

Choose a texture

Rustic Ulin

Smooth Ulin

Want to make it even better?

•  Lay on our reclaimed joists or battens (find more info in our Lumber section)

•  Use our high quality metal fittings like hidden fasteners

•  Make your wood last with our non-toxic decking oil

•  Get our decking installation guide

•  Use qualified flooring installers 
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Reclaimed Borneo Ironwood decking

Clear to dark smooth Ulin decking

Clear to dark smooth Ulin decking

Borneo ironwood, known locally as Ulin, is a remarkable wood. It's extremely slow growth rate at less than 0.5mm a year results in a highly dense timber ideal for exterior applications. Ulin heartwood has a Class 1 natural durability above and in-ground rating, and is prized for its natural resistance rot, decay, termites and weathering. It has long been used by Kalimantan Dayak communities in traditional house construction as well as for bridges and roads. Ulin is endemic to only a few places in Southeast Asia with the majority of remaining distribution limited to Borneo island. Ulin trees can live to be more than 1,000 years old. Kaltimber's Ulin comes from disused structures in Kalimantan including houses, warehouses, bridges, roads, jetties and other structures. This material yields a gorgeous and long-lasting flooring product.