Sustainable Development and Beyond: The Truth behind all Lies 2/2

In the initial installment of this article, we discussed the primer of sustainable development, its effects and what we can still do to save humankind. Please bear in mind that it’s is never too late. If we can all act on this, we can save the world in no time. Let us continue some of the guidelines that have a major impact on us. Listed below are the rest of it:

·         To avoid Global Warming. Nourishment of the natural resources in the setting avoids global warming. Global warming is a shoot up in the average temperature in the atmosphere mainly focused in the in the rampant boost of climate change in the surroundings. The resultant output is hot and warm climates that tend to extinguish animal and plant species making activities in life a bit of a complex. If the resources in the community are properly regulated, this quandary would be eliminated and resources will be sufficient for the generations of tomorrow.

ying and yang hardwood

·         Avoid bushfires and deforestation. Sustainable development means that those trees that are cut should be replaced and new ones should be planted for continuity. The opposite of deforestation that is the extinction of the plant resources in the surroundings results in bushfires; the burning of the forest results in the exhaustion of natural resources.

In countries near the equator, bushfires and wildfires are very rampant and it needs to be addressed with the help of nearby countries as well.

·         Support self-reliance. The preservation of resources in the environment aids a country to depend on itself without asking help from other communities. Say for example, in the event that a country had preserved its natural resources like rubber, gold, and timber, they would not ask help from other countries. Unluckily at this point, a lot of countries import raw materials from other countries for sustenance of their industries. If in any case a country preserves its natural resources, it would invite self-reliance and the world will surely be a better place to live in.

·         Aid the development of the youth and enhance their artistic talents as well as obtain employable skills to decrease poverty. The youth is possessed with god-given talents and they have the capability to enhance these talents by exploring the environmental resources to produce functional items that can be sold to generate income and decrease poverty in a country. Utilization of reclaimed woods for almost everything can help the environment by immortalizing the use of old woods and earning a significant amount. This is a win-win situation and showcases a simple process of sustainable development. This is also valid for plastic, which waste the world struggle to handle. What about mixing reclaimed materials? That's what we tried with this sample cutting board in collaboration with DuaKala

These discussed parameters channel the requirement to implement measures for sustainable development of the environmental natural resources. The primary guideline is total preservation of the natural resources coupled with discipline among the populace all over the globe. And mind you, the rest will follow. If writing articles such as this will pave a way to open a mind of even one person, we will still continue write as long as it can help the environment, however which way we can.

Reclaimed plastic and hardwood - Credit Duakala

Reclaimed plastic and hardwood - Credit Duakala