Reasons for Choosing a Small Swimming Pool

This article focuses mainly on one’s contribution to sustainable development. And one solution is not to construct a large swimming pool.

It is a known fact that having a large tract of land with swimming pools is considered as status symbol for one’s community. Especially if your pool is as big as it can cater many people, your status is above regular. However, when benefits come, these are also coupled with other disadvantages and loopholes. Having a large swimming pool at home is a bit of a complex to maintain and operate. In coherence with sustainable development, other disadvantages of having a large swimming pool outweigh its benefits.

Meaning, we cannot sacrifice the many downsides of having a bigger swimming pool just for our own personal benefit. We need to jive with the community and the world at large. Yes, having a large swimming pool can be an eye candy. It will surely cater big parties and lots of people. Having a large area to swim is truly a de-stressing kind of activity and can be regarded as therapy for a week’s stressful work load.

But yes as well, before you think of building a large swimming pool, let me first discuss to you the downsides and disadvantages of having one.

·         It is not cost efficient. Of course, we cannot deny the fact that the larger your pool  is, the bigger your construction cost will be; as simple as 123. And mind you, that will not stop there. The bottom line is, do not construct or build a large pool if after building it, you have nothing left with you. How about its maintenance and operation? It also entails expenses. I mean you cannot just pour water in to it, without treating it. You cannot just swim at it without knowing that the water you used is clean. That is only some of the things that you need to know. Having a large swimming pool is having large continuous expense by which you are not sure whether you can sustain it.

But wait! Do not ever tell me or yourself that you have all the money in the world for the construction and maintenance of your large swimming pool inside your residence. Now, it is being self-serving. You might have the resources but where did you get it? Be responsible and contribute to sustainable development by not being self-serving. I know you know what I mean.

As you see, the construction itself posits a very alarming state in terms of your finances. It is truly a quandary in your pocket. At the onset, we should not be blinded by the fact that this will result in shelling out significant amount of money.

The next part or this intriguing article will pay close attention to the intrinsic disadvantages which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Thus, we need to put our eyes on the next set of disadvantages to lure you out from constructing large area of swimming pool.

·         Maintenance and operation is complex. The operation and maintenance of your  large swimming pool is expensive as well. Unless you are a professional, you will surely spend significant amount of money for your swimming pool’s maintenance.  Each pool owner understands the requirement of installing a filter in their swimming pool. It maintains the clean water and fit for bathing. There are specifically four classes of filtration system that are utilized for cleaning swimming pools. These are sand filtration method, cartridge inground method, Diatomaceous filtering method and Activated charcoal filtering method.

The point of this matter is, whatever system you use for your filters, you will still spend significant amount of money on a regular basis. If you are to filter large volume of water, surely, you will shell out large amount of money as well. 

Not only that, you will too spend with treatment and cleaning. So, how was that?

·        Release and outlet of water is a problem. Considering your large swimming pool, when it is time for you to release and replace your water, large amount of water will be a dilemma for your neighbors and community if you do not possess a proper release method for this. Water recycling can be an idea of solution but we will also go back to the first disadvantage, it will be costly for sure.

·         Soaring water utility bills. Of course, when you construct a large swimming pool, it is very sure that you will spend for large amount of water utility bills. Needless to say, the larger the volume of water consumption is, the bigger your water expense will be; as simple as that.

·         You are not contributing to sustainable development. This is regarded as the very important parameter that anyone could ever imagine. Sustainable development is a responsibility that everyone should contribute to be able to sustain and maintain the earth’s resources. Imagine a large volume of water being used and being damped after. Instead of a lot of people can utilize water resources, a big chunk of it goes to your pool for you to enjoy. How self-serving is that, right? If you are thinking of tomorrow, I suggest that your building of small swimming pool is a significant contribution to sustainable development. Be sensitive enough to know the needs of the population of tomorrow.

Overall, we can further state that the disadvantages overshadow and prevail over the advantages of having a large swimming pool. If you are on the verge of building a swimming pool inside your home, you need to consider its adverse effects not only to your family and purse, but more importantly, to the community and the world at large.

At the end of the day, you can sacrifice some advantages but experience what it is like to have a swimming pool. It is best recommended to construct a small swimming pool just right for you and suitable for your needs.

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