As an ethical & socially responsible business,
here is our promise to you:

Our woods last a long, long time and so will your hardwood decking and flooring!

The natural termite resistance of our reclaimed woods and their age means that they will most likely outlive you.

We will always tell you where our wood comes from.

Providing a full and transparent chain of custody for our all our products is something we take very seriously. We believe customers have the right to know where what they buy comes from, and will joyfully give you a full disclosure for your own peace of mind.

Reducing waste while producing hardwood decking and flooring is one of our top priority.

We partner with designers, furniture and home ware makers, artisans and waste recyclers to recycle, reuse and up-cycle waste materials into useful and beautiful products.

We respect natural resources and use our wood wisely.

We won’t muck around when it comes to forests. We intentionally design around our materials to reduce waste and maximise the inherent beauty of our timbers. After all, they are older than we are and deserve our respect.