Water Recycling: Is it the one for you? 2/2

The first part of this article about water recycling introduced you to gray water. Undeniably, recycling water generates extra savings that can be allocated to other expenditures.

Aside from the money savings, we have to know that water recycling plays a major sustainability impact by preserving natural resources. It might sounds like a cliché sentence, but "water is life"!

gray water

LEGAL RAMNIFICATIONS: we talked a bit about legal issues in the first path and they can vary from place to place. The legality of water recycling differs greatly depending on where you live. Although gray water recycling has been widely embraced and depicted by numerous investigations and studies as safe for humans and its environment, laws focusing on sewage and sewerage are but slow to be amended. Therefore, before installing a gray water recycling system, you need to check out several laws and regulations relating to water recycling in your area.

ECONOMIC AND ECOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES: Recycling your water can reduce water consumption not only in your household but also at your place of business, and it can reach up to forty percent!

The advantages of water conservation, especially in areas experiencing drought, are prevalent. Lessening one’s use of water can ease pressure on strained and aging sewage treatment systems but also on natural water tables.

reclaimed water

The initial installation of a home recycling system and water reclamation can vary in price depending on the type of system you will install. That being said, you shall try to have a long-term mindset. Indeed, the amount of water you will be saving will more than cover up for the installation and initialization costs.

True enough, water recycling can bring a major impact not only in one’s household but in the society as well taking a great part into sustainable development. Saving substantial amount of water is akin to saving substantial amount of money. And protecting our ecosystem. Just like recycling other elements such as hardwood and transforming it as a new product, item or décor, water recycling gives you a different view of sustainable development but the same results. At the end of the day, what is important is that you taking an active part in resolving the looming condition of the environment while giving life to your old items instead of throwing them away.

Remember, conserving water is prolonging and sustaining the water cycle. We might say that resources are infinite, but it is better to be safe than sorry. All we know is that it is not harmful to do and act now but that tomorrow It might be too late to take action.

There is no better time to recycle water than yesterday. I hope that this article opens your eyes to the great things that are waiting for you.

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