Sustainable waste management: A Tool in Sustainable Development - 2/2

The first part of this article will deliver the strongest sense as to the urgency of leaning towards sustainable development. We cannot therefore sit and watch our world deteriorate in a natural way. We must do something. We must engage in sustainable development as immediate as possible. Now we go to the meat of the topic.


What is sustainable waste management? Basically, there is none sustainable waste management solution which can be the world’s bread and butter. There are still conflicting theories and foresights as to what are more environmentally, practical, advantageous and efficient means of attaining sustainable waste management.

The overall guidelines focuses in attaining sustainable waste management, that have been founded in several years across the entire European Union and a lot more countries are:

·         To lessen the amount of waste that the community produces;

·         To optimally utilize of resources that are naturally produced;

·         To select waste management best practices by which it tends to lessen the risk of drastic and future environmental harm and pollution to human health.

Over the last several decades, the actions required for the waste industry as well as individuals to abide, and those that are most sustainable have been straighten out by the policy makers in the government.

A process of waste disposal for coming up with the option between disposal method and waste treatment which put landfill disposals at the last in the list of probable waste disposal options, has been supplemented throughout the European Union, for utilization by all. It is more commonly known as the waste disposal hierarchy.

Landfill played an important role in this kind of technique in eradicating the residual waste after all pre-treatment of waste has already been taken away as much of the waste stream as possible, but it is a continuous lessening one, and caucus amongst waste experts still remains to be the go-to technique.

Sustainable landfill. Draining bioreactor landfill have been regarded as the sole way to attain sustainable landfills but very real technical issues and quandary prevailed in enhancing these methods, not least getting sufficient clear water for the flushing in the first place.

But, there is an over-all harmony on the objectives of sustainable landfill. Listed below are such:

·         The contents of the landfill must be restricted so that outputs are released outside in a restricted and acceptable way so as not to give drastic outputs.

·         The residues left in the landfill should not give a significant risk to the environment as well as the need for monitoring and aftercare should not be passed on to the generations of tomorrow.

·         Future utilization of groundwater as well as other resources shall not be compromised.

The focal point here is that regulated leakage to the environment can be a lot better as compared to total confinement is gradual enhancement and stabilization is attain without posing any kind of harm being caused.

Earth is the only home available to humankind. Humans are not permanent. So, we better do our part for the next set of humankind.