Material Mix: What can you combine with wood?

Wood in itself is considered as beauty. Whether you use it as an ornament or design in your finishes, it will exemplify class and sophistication. Wood has played an important role in giving life to what is probably one of the most sought after field in construction; finishing. However, while wood can stand in itself, sometimes it is exciting to reinvent and incorporate other media. I am talking about fusion between wood and iron, or wood and plastic, what do you think?

Sometimes it takes one soul to be brave enough to try this. Well, basically, this is considered to be the “in” thing at this point - the fusion of conventionality and rustic look.

Wood and Plastic – This is usually prevalent in places with cool climates. Wood and plastic does not really compensate but if you get through the normal motif, you will surely have what you want. White and the natural colors of wood would go along with each other. Cabin houses which have natural wood walls can go along with plastic panels of your windows and door jambs. The stereotype log cabin can be paired with strong plastic fixtures such as window frames, railings, plastic balusters, and the like. It is also considered as an insulator in preventing or minimizing heat.

Not only that, Wood and plastic compensate each other in terms of strength. Aesthetically wise, we do not have any questions if the two will go along. And so as structural matters, as there are hardwoods that can withstand the test of time. But plastics are a very special component that can add sturdiness to the whole structure.

Wood and plastics can also go along with furniture such as bathroom and kitchen fixtures and cabinets. It can complement each other when mixed with other items inside the house. No wonder, this is the conventional thing right now.

Cooperation with our friend at Duakala. Mixing reclaim teak and recycled plastic tile.

Cooperation with our friend at Duakala. Mixing reclaim teak and recycled plastic tile.

Wood and Steel - On the other hand, the “big time” and “go-to” design now especially in the rural areas are rustic design. It is a combination of wood that are reclaimed and give a different level of beauty and rustic steel that would add not only color but depth to the rustic barn design. This is a good combination for furniture such as beds, cabinets, dining table and barn swings. Whatever the color is, there is no way that these two strong elements can conspire to come up with a greater classic but sophisticated design. However, black steel to brown natural wood would be the winner. You cannot go wrong with that kind of combination. You can even design it while your eyes are shut.

Truly indeed, while wood itself is a beauty on its own, you can level it up by incorporating other elements like plastic and steel. What makes it more special is the personal touch that you will give to your design. Never miss the chance to invent and reinvent your house design with the help of wood and its friends; plastic and steel.

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