Kaltimber is a hardwood reclaiming company.

We reclaim Kalimantan hardwoods for home & commercial builders in Bali & internationally.

Kalimantan Recycled Timber was created by husband-and-wife team Yoga Sofyar and Alex Ryan.

They launched Kaltimber in 2009 in response to a need for genuine reclaimed wood markets in Bali. The company is built on the principles of a deep love and passion for Indonesia's forests, and a desire to protect what is left.

In 2016 a new husband-and-wife team, Guillaume and Siti Carnevale, bought Kaltimber and are carrying company’s values as well as continuing all operations while looking to expend to a more international market.

The Bali operation currently employs a small team of 5 full timers and a varied size team of highly skilled wood workers as part timers.

Our specialty is termite-resistant A1 rated exterior grade hardwoods such as Ulin and Bengkirai. We supply character-filled lumber as is, or re-mill to create beautiful products to add warmth, character history to any home.

Our policy is to only source our woods from structures that are genuinely slated for demolition, and that will not be replaced with wood harvested from natural forests.

Our mission is reducing pressure on Indonesia's forests by promoting recycled timber as a viable and environmentally-sound alternative.